Cercon® Zirconia Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges

Not long ago, metal-based crowns and bridges were the norm in dentistry. Today, Cercon offers extraordinary esthetics and dependability in super-strong, medical-quality ceramics. Cercon Zirconia mimics the natural vital tooth in appearance , behavior and longevity, allowing light and color to come through like no metal based crown and bridge ever could.

Strength is important in a framework material, but strength alone is not sufficient to create a viable restoration. Cercon Zirconia is unique among dental ceramics in that it has a physical property that no other dental ceramic exhibits—called transformation toughening. In practical terms, this unique strengthening process makes it an ideal biomaterial and the only viable choice for a reliable bridge restoration in the molar region.

As with all of our products, every Cercon crown and bridge produced by EA Dental Labs features a full 2 year warranty..