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Many thanks for the excellent lab work you are doing for me. I’ll have to admit that I was very hesitant to try EA because I had never trusted anyone but a local lab to do my work. I felt that I could better control the quality and communicate better locally. But after seeing the excellent quality of some EA posterior cases I received and then sending a few anterior cases, I am now 100% EA Dental Labs. My margins are better, the anatomy is superb, and we seat many crowns now without having to make any adjustments. Although you service a lot of dentists, this makes me feel that you know me and are watching out for me. Many thanks for helping me provide better dentistry at a lower cost per unit.

I have been a General Dentist for 34 years and during that time have worked with many dental laboratories. It is a pleasure to work with a dental lab who not only cares about their dentists, but also puts great pride in the workmanship of their prosthetics. Having worked with EA Dental Labs for several years, I find their staff is courteous and caring…always. If a problem arises—and it’s not often—they share my burden. Honestly, I would not hesitate to recommend them to my colleagues—and I have—since I know their dedication to quality work for dentists and patients is at the core of their existence. Everyone I know who has tried EA has been more than pleased with the dental labwork and pleasantly surprised at the fair and reasonable prices.

I have been using EA Dental Labs for two months now and their work is fantastic. Their removable partial frameworks have been nothing short of remarkable. They fit well, and the clasps actually fit the teeth! Their crown and bridge department also provides excellent margins and the occlusal anatomy is accurate. I highly recommend them.


I have been in practice for 12 years and used numerous labs, both national and local. I have never gotten the consistency with contacts, occlusion and overall fit of crown and bridgework that I have received with EA Dental Labs. Their work has been far superior to any big name labs that I have used—as well as local labs. I have seated approximately 600-800 units over the past 12 months with EA, and it is a rare occasion when it takes longer than 3-5 minutes from initial placement of the crown to being ready for the cement. My “hat is off to their consistency while at the same time slashing my lab expense by thousands (20K-25K!) in the first year alone. Thank you EA Dental Labs and your fine customer service ladies that answer the phone! I recommend you to all my colleagues any time I get a chance.


I’ve been in practice over 25 years and have used a number of laboratories for my crown and bridgework. No one has given me the consistently high quality that EA Dental Labs has provided! Esthetic, well fitting crowns that have cut my seating time in half! All for a fee that beats anyone I could have used in my area! Anyone can give you a low price, but to do so and not compromise quality, as EA Dental Labs does, is truly exceptional!


Our practice prides itself on reasonable fees—we can’t afford to do things twice, so delivery and seating must be efficient. With EA Dental Labs, we get predictable, consistent results the first time.